Frequently Asked Questions

To join the library simply go to your nearest Shellharbour City Libraries branch. You will need to bring with you a valid photo identification with your current address on it. If you do not have photo identification you may instead use a Health Care Card or a recent utility bill with your name and current address on them.
A child of any age may join the library. As their parent / guardian you must provide identification as indicated above and also provide identification showing the child's name. e.g. Birth certificate, Medicare card. A parent / Guardian will need to sign the application form for any child under the age of 18 years of age.
No. Library membership is free.
Yes, it is a condition of membership that you notify the library if you change your name or address. Additionally, staff members will ask that you re-verify that your personal details are accurate on an annual basis. E.g. phone number, email address.
You should contact your nearest library branch immediately so that staff can put a stop on your membership account.
You may use your driver's licence in the first instance of this occurring to borrow items. A note will be placed upon your account, and subsequent attempts to borrow without your library card will be treated as an instance of your card having been lost.
You may have up to 20 DVD's, CD's or Magazines. There is no limit on the number of books that you can loan.
Most items can be borrowed for up to 21 days (3 weeks). High demand items such as DVD's, CD's and Magazines are set to 14 days (2 weeks) for the borrowing term. Items borrowed through Inter-library loan have a unique borrowing time that is specified upon item pickup.
No, at present no Shellharbour City Libraries facility is able to accommodate this. Please refer to our branch times as many are open until 8pm at night.
Yes, you can return items to any branch during opening hours.
You may borrow so long as your library account has no more than $10 in overdue fees. Your ability to borrow will be suspended should you exceed this.
Yes, overdue fines apply for the late return of items. To avoid fines items should be returned or renewed on or before the due date. Borrowing will be suspended should you exceed a debit of $10 in fines. See Council Fee's and Charges.
If you are not able to return borrowed items by the due date, you can renew them by phoning your branch library and asking staff to renew them for you. You will need to have your library card number to use this service. If you have internet access you can also renew items via the library catalogue using your membership number and your account password. If you can't remember your password you will need to reset it via the catalogue, or phone the library to have it generated. If you do not receive an email within 15 minutes, our library system may not have your current email – please re-verify with staff.
You can phone your branch library and ask staff to check for you. If you have internet access you can also check your membership record online via the library catalogue using your membership number and your account password.
You can have your password reset via the catalogue. Alternatively, you may phone a branch library and ask a staff member to have the reset password email sent to you. Please use this as an opportunity to confirm that Shellharbour City Libraries has your email in our system.
All four branches have Internet, word processing and email facilities available free of charge. Bookings are advised and can be made by phoning your branch library or booking at the service counter. Free wifi is also available at Shellharbour City Libraries branches during operational hours. Fee's and charges do exist for printing – see Council Free's and Charges.
No. We do provide quiet areas within our branch libraries however for meetings and study purposes.
The library provides items such as large print books, talking books, eBooks, etc. We also have a Home Library Service. For more information, phone Warilla Library on 4297 2522.
Yes, Justice of the Peace services are available at Warilla Library & Albion Park Library. Please call the relevant branch prior to ensure staff availability.
While we encourage and welcome children of all ages to use the library for research or recreation, library policy requires that children under the age of 12 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. This is for the child's safety as library staff are not able to supervise children. Police will be notified of unattended children if there is any identified risk to their well-being, per library policy.
If you would like to request an item that we do not hold, you can fill in our online request form. If we are unable to service this request, an Inter-library loan may be an alternative option. See Item Request Form
Anyone can do a New Items search at the library catalogue. Items are separated by type, e.g. DVD/CD, Fiction. You can also find the latest book or DVD listed at the service counter of most Shellharbour City Libraries branches.
The library is happy to accept "as new" items but cannot accept old, damaged or out of date items. We also provide a Lifelong Bin at multiple branches where books may alternatively be donated to charity.
Yes, you can use library photocopiers to scan to USB.
Yes, up to 10% of the content or illustration. Copyright law must be observed at all time. If unsure, ask library staff.