Centenary of ANZAC

A commemorative online exhibition honouring the 200 Shellharbour men and women who served during World War I. Lest we forget.

Marshall Mount

An exhibition developed in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the famous Marshall Mount Dance. 

Life & Times of Benjamin Horace Turner

Features the life of Benjamin Horace Turner, aviator, artist, poet, world record parachutist and manufacturer of 'Scamp' swimsuits Australia. Ben lived for many years at Clover Hill, Macquarie Pass, where he worked on building his tudor style manor house built on the side of huge natural rock formations on his property.

Amazing Stories

An exhibition of photographs and amazing stories of the people, places and events unique to Shellharbour City. 

Convicts in Shellharbour

Explores the lives of convicts who are known to have been assigned to someone in Shellharbour, or moved to the area after they were granted a Ticket of Leave. Many of these convicts and their descendants made major contributions to the development of our City. 

Every effort was made to ensure the information in this exhibition was correct at the time of production. If errors are noted please advise museum staff through the website. 

Our Working Lives

Includes stories about the working lives of some of our most well-known members of the local community including, Albert Neate, Austin O'Gorman, Betty O'Gorman, Brian Walsh, Claude Harris, Evelyn Owen, Garnet Johnston, Harold Tomlin, June Shortland, May Barrie, Mervyn Swan, Patricia Christopher, Paul Hockey, Robert Grey, Russell East, Thomas Twist, Tori De Mestre and William Stanford.